Hoya HD Circular Polarizer Filter Review

Posted by Joel
Last month I purchased a Hoya HD Circular Polarizer camera lens filter for my Canon 17-55 2.8 lens. A circular polarizer lens filter brings back detail in the sky especially in clouds and remove reflections from reflective surfaces. I purchased this mainly for car photography. I wanted to cut back on the reflections from the windshield and body panels.

The Hoya HD camera lens filters are virtually indestructible. Not only do they have a special coatings that repels dirt and fingerprints, the HD (High Density) polarizing filters allow about one full stop more light to come through, effectively giving you an extra stop of either ISO, lens speed or shutter speed, for free! Being that it's a thin filter it prevents vignetting on wide angle lenses.

So far I've been very impressed by the quality. My photos have incredible detail and seem more vibrant especially when I shoot landscapes. The clouds tend to "pop out" more and the sky looks very blue. However, I wouldn't recommend leaving this particular filter on all the time. You lose a stop of light when putting this filter on it wouldn't benefit you in low light conditions.

Below are a few examples of photos that were shot with my the Hoya HD Circular Polarizer Filter.

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Hoya's Gleen Nash Shows off the Hoya HD Filter

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