New Car Enthusiast Social Network: Where Car People Connect

Posted by Joel
Hug Garage WebsiteWe probably all had accounts to Facebook, myspace, twitter, or even Car Domain. Hub Garage has a different approach. It's an actual social network built by car people for car people. But you might ask, what's the difference between Car Domain? It's cleaner interface and uncluttered look and feel make it easier to navigate through the site. Believe me, I had a Car Domain account at one time and was overwhelmed by the advertisements and unfriendly user interface. is designed to give car people a simple, easy to use canvas to showcase their passion for cars. At the HubGarage, members can share photos, videos, and publish their own automotive news. HubGarage members can also check out other people's garages and connect with people who have similar interests, post comments, and become buddies with other members.

Here are a few key features

- Build you own online garage
- Fill it up with your car photos, videos, and news
- Share your garage with the car community
- Check out member garages & vehicles
- Meet & Connect with other car people

Give Hub Garage a try. It's definitely a one-of-kind social networking site targeted to us car buffs. Also, while your their make sure to add the KWIKFILMS garage as a buddy. :)
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Posted on: 2/13/2010 at 8:40 AM
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Saturday, March 20, 2010 6:38 PM

Nice post.

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