Creative Inspiration: Car Photography Rig Shots - Part 1

Posted by Joel
Just grab a copy of D-Sport Magazine and you'll see these low angled type of car shots. These low angled shots with the wheels in motion captures the essence of motion. Sure you can duplicate these type of shots using Adobe Photoshop but it doesn't look natural. After countless hours of searching forums I discovered a post from Popular car photographer, James Evins on how to shoot these shots.

Getting The Parts
The basics of a suction cup mounted rig are as follows:
All these parts can be purchased by clicking on the links below The concept is simple. You have a few sections of pipe to use as a boom, couplers to hold them together, two suction cups to attach to the car, three clamps to attach the suction cups and the magic arm, and a magic arm to allow more flexibility in positioning the camera.

Let me show you the parts in more detail.

Here are the cups and the clamps attached to them. The clamps bolt down onto the studs coming from the cups. If you notice, the cups have a small blue extension - this is where you pump them up. You pump until the red line is gone, if it shows up again it means suction is limited, pump some more.

The cups are Avenger F1000s, and the clamps are Manfrotto Super Clamps.

Next is the piping, as well as the clamps & cups. The piping is the only "custom" part of the rig. You can use a lot of things. I purchased electrical conduit piping, 1.5" in diameter, and used the matching compression couplers. I have three sections of around 5' feet. This can be found in Lowes or Home Depot (or similar hardware supply store).

(Note: there are better boom options out there, this is the best option that is immediately available. Otherwise you'll want to go shop your local metal supply yard for certain piping)

Here is the Manfrotto Magic Arm.

The clamps shown on the cups. Use one of them here, and attach to the stud on the magic arm. Attach magic arm to camera. This can also be replaced by a tripod head, which you could drill the pipe and attach, that would be sturdy as well.

I forgot one thing you need! A friend to push! Just get a smart one that knows how to get out of the way!

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To Be Continued...
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Posted on: 3/11/2010 at 9:30 PM
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 10:05 PM

Okay Kwikfilms let's get some photos of my Mustang
with that rig.

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