So Long to a JDM Icon. Honda Ends Civic Type-R Production

Posted by Joel
Honda has been known for a couple things, it's performance super car the Acura NSX, the S2000 convertible and it's Type-R branded vehicles. I remember back in the days, ricer cars would put Type-R badges to feel special... But owning an actual Type-R was something special. You get suburb suspension, a high revving motor, and decent horsepower. Now Honda has confirmed that it is ending production of it's Honda Civic Type-R 4 door vehicle. The Civic Si is the closest thing we had to the Type-R since Integra. There's no word if another Civic Type R is in the works, especially with Honda's larger focus on hybrid cars taking up most of the research and development money.

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Posted on: 4/19/2010 at 9:10 PM
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